Welcome to my new, and very much still-under-development website. The intent of this site is to combine the best of my photography  (verndewit.zenfolio.com) and my trip reports (explor8ion.com). Over the years, I’ve built myself a bit of a monster – or rather a pair of monsters on both the Zenfolio and the Explor8ion sites. With over 650 peaks, hundreds of hikes, dozens of canoe trips and tens of thousands of images on both sites, the sheer amount of data is overwhelming and increasingly difficult to manage and present effectively.

The goal of this new site, which will eventually use both the “explor8ion.com” and “verndewit.com” domains, is to allow me to efficiently store and manage my vast collection of photos in one location (Zenfolio), while storing my numerous trip reports in a modernized blog here. Unfortunately for you, there will be some confusion around where the source of truth is until the transition is completed, but I will try to make it obvious by adding links from the old to the new site wherever possible as I transfer content over. Please bear with me while I transition the sites, as it will likely take a couple of years to complete (yes – YEARS).

The way I’m planning to organize my trip reports here is by using a small subset of representative images (~10) along with text for the main trip report with a linked album to all my photos from the trip (20-100 or more depending on the trip length and size) embedded at the end of the report and linked to my Zenfolio site. Bear with me as I experiment with different ways to do this. Just as on the old site, I have organized trips by their date in descending order and by the areas that they are located in.

The new site is optimized for Retina, or high definition displays and will look better the bigger you view it, so don’t hold back! Go big screen, high definition and share in some of the spectacular sights that I’ve had the extreme privilege of enjoying over the past 20 years or so, while reading about the adventures behind them.

I am going to be experimenting with different ideas, themes and photos over the next few months on this site, so please excuse any churn. I am also experimenting with different ways to monetize some of my work, either just on my Zenfolio site or possibly on both Zenfolio and Explor8ion, mainly to cover some of the operating costs of these sites which cost me hundreds of dollars per year. I will attempt to make the ads and buying options as unobtrusive as possible to allow you to enjoy the content of both sites without too many distractions.