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Welcome to a new Explor8ion!

Welcome to my new, and very much still-under-development website. The intent of this site is to combine the best of my photography (verndewit.zenfolio.com) and my trip reports (explor8ion.com). Over the years, I’ve built myself a bit of a monster – or rather a pair of monsters on both the Zenfolio and the Explor8ion sites. With over 650 peaks, hundreds of hikes, dozens of canoe trips and tens of thousands of images on both sites, the sheer amount of data is overwhelming and increasingly difficult to manage and present effectively.

Sisyphean Life Lessons

Buddha says that most of life’s suffering is caused by an endless cycle of human craving for impermanent things and states of being, which is dukkha – incapable of satisfying and painful. By trapping ourselves in this continuous state of craving things that don’t last, we are caught in an endless cycle of rebirth, dukkha and dying, or samsara. Only by attaining nirvana can we be liberated from this path of suffering.